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Dr.Joseph Plazo Keynotes Sydney SME Convention 2014

by Mark Hogan of Reuters

The 2014 Sydney Entrepreneur Summit consummated only prior to Valentine's Day of 2014.

Atty. Joseph Plazo is a real specialist in construction momentum to translate modest measures into huge activity.

Consequently, as we near year end with entrepreneurs making strategies for 2014, I asked Joseph for some tips on how entrepreneurs can make the year ahead a Year of Action.

Here's what he shared:

STEP BACK: As entrepreneurs, we're always running around attempting to do a million things - trying to keep all of the plates spinning. Yet, occasionally, the simplest way to take a step forward is to take a step back. Often we're too close to see things clearly. Have YOU? Take a step back out of your business and take a peek at it. Where are you now? Where do you want to really go? Exactly what are you focusing on? Why? Write it down. Get a clear picture of where you are now and what you need it to look like by the end of the full year.

PICK 3 ENORMOUS, OUTRAGEOUS, COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE VISIONS: What are three "out of this world" things you'd LOVE to do this year. Not 100 things. 3 things. You don't have to know HOW you're planning to do them. You just got to get clear on what you desire and why. Why are they significant for you? How would they enhance your company? Your life? Say them out loud. Inform your staff. Get everyone pulling in the same direction.

STEP FORWARD: Once you've your three dreams - you can begin making them occur - by, well...beginning. It's not magic, it's impetus. Take a step...and then another one. What ONE measure could you do this week towards making them happen? And if you can't seem to get that going? Make a listing of what's preventing you - and show up with ONE potential remedy for each. And then do it. Repeat.

TIME ME: So, WHEN are you supposed to do all of this? You don't have any time. Just. More than your skills, your products, your network or even your lending, your number one resource is your time. What have you been doing with it? Where is your day going? Have you been running all over the area but not actually making any improvement? Do YOU need to spend 18 hours tweaking your webpage? Track your time for a week. You don't have to count every second but get a sense of where you're spending your own time. Do this to get a week. Entrepreneurs frequently say they can't afford to hire anyone - or that they must do everything themselves. You don't. Get creative. I bartered with students in my own class who could help me with video production, administrative jobs and social media in exchange to get a discount on their tuition. I'm paying sales on commission. You'll be able to consider getting virtual assistants (zirtual) or design work (99layouts) that doesn't break the bank - even when you're bootstrapping. Note: 1 of the greatest books on this particular issue is Laura Vanderkam's 168 Hours. It is a must read for anyone who has ever asked "Where does the time go?"

ESCAPE: It's lonely at the top - and at the end - and every place in between when you're running your own personal company. You have to connect with others. Get up and get out from behind your desk. Take a walk. Get a new outlook. Find a support group where you can request assistance and get new insights on a trouble. Yes - you do a lot by yourself as an entrepreneur - but you have to connect with others also. Speak to your customers - or potential clients. Inquire them what they are stuck on - What would they love? Open up your world. Get out of your personal space as well as your own head.

And for Joseph's bonus hint:

GO PAST WHAT's EXPECTED: Do the sudden. Delight someone. Make their day. Do a favor - and expect nothing in return. Help someone. "Wow" your customer, your staff, your new partner. Make someone smile. Pay for someone's coffee. Tell the person who served you coffee that they're performing a great job. Make time for buddies. Do the dishes. Send someone a complimentary copy of your book. Get a bike ride at the center of the afternoon along with your 10-year old. Take the time to relish your day and people in your life... after all, that's what makes it a great year. Making a difference. Making an income. Making it to the school play. One step at a time.

Joseph Plazo threw out the challenge: break free from you comfort zone. Doing the same over and over will not give another result. You must make the change, when the status quo is unwelcome.

Joseph Plazo Ph.D

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